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  • The Ice Centre is provided for use by teams that have ice time allocated and scheduled. It is not a fitness facility and teams are not to schedule off-ice training to utilize the facility on their own.
  • Floor Hockey and Soccer Balls in the off-ice areas and locker rooms are prohibited-this means stick handling, passing, Swedish hockey balls, etc… Anyone caught playing floor hockey will have to complete one hour of community service to the Ice Centre within one week of the incident.
  • Running (by team or individuals) is not allowed on the upper mezzanine or any other areas of the Ice Centre. Please inform your guest teams of our policies during their visit to our facility. Do not run on the bleacher seats, stairs or anywhere in the stands.
  • Weighted sticks, wrist-stick weights, medicine balls and other training equipment are not allowed on the mezzanine.
  • Team stretching and plyometrics are the only activity allowed on the upper mezzanine and during this time players and teams are to be respectful of people walking by and allow room for them to do so.
  • Chewing tobacco is not allowed in the facility, anyone caught risks a 30-day suspension from the Ice Centre.
  • Parking in the rear of the building (the back ramp behind the green rink) is for employees only.
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Locker Room

  • Locker Rooms must be checked out with a valid set of car keys at Locker Room checkout. There is no assurance that there will be availability any earlier than 45 minutes prior to game time.
  • Any locker room or facility vandalism will result in severe consequences.
  • Locker rooms must be clean and checked back in within 30-minutes from the end of your time slot. Do not ask for your keys back if the Locker Room is not clean, our attendant will physically check it. It is not his/her job to pick up after your team. The team representative checking out the key is responsible for the locker room.
  • If a team loses a Locker Room key, there will be a $200.00 fee.
  • No food or drink with the exception of water and sports drinks are allowed in the Locker Rooms.
  • Please turn off showers after use so everyone can get a hot shower and we are not wasting water.
  • Portable skate sharpening is not allowed in the Locker Rooms or the hallways.
  • Please do not prop open exit doors for team access, these are exit doors not entrance doors. All players and teams must enter through the main entrance.
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  • Keep all doors to the Ice closed. NO ONE is allowed on the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed. This includes players, coaches, and parents. Teams are not allowed to enter the blue rink from the lobby door by the figure skating locker room.
  • Players are not to sit on the boards of the rink while waiting for the ice make.
  • Exit ice quickly at the ends of games, practices, and between-period ice makes. Pucks and on-ice equipment should be picked up and drills completed at the time your practice session is scheduled to end.
  • Do not shoot at the side glass during practices and warm-ups, any broken glass during these periods will be charged to the team.
  • Grease boards are provided on all the rinks for coaches to explain drills, please use only non-permanent markers on these boards. Diagramming plays on the rink glass is not permitted.
  • Put all training devices back where you found them (border patrol, tires, cones, etc.)
  • Vary drills and turns during practices: do not gouge the ice with repetitive drills over the same area of the ice. Do not only use Blue and Red lines on the ice for drills, the use of cones is encouraged to help evenly use the ice surfaces. As well as being a safety issue, this is not fair to the next user of that ice surface. This is the coaches’ responsibility. Please ask Ice Centre Staff for ice patch snow if ice is in poor condition. Ice surfaces left in poor condition will result in double charges to the team/association, based on the Ice Centre staff’s discretion.
  • Scorekeepers and penalty box volunteers on the blue rink are encouraged to checkout ‘ice grippers’ from locker room checkout to minimize slippage when entering and exiting the ice surface.
  • No guests, coaches or players are permitted in the Zamboni room/area.

Your cooperation in following these policies and passing the information on to team members, parents, visiting teams, and coaches is much appreciated.