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The Ice Centre Adult Hockey League strives to provide a sportsmanlike, competitive and fun environment for all participants.

Violence, hate and racism will not be tolerated. USA Hockey rules are used as the guideline with a few “House” rules.  No checking or fighting allowed at any level. Treat all staff, opposing players and officials with respect to ensure a great experience for everybody.
  • ICAHL League Director – Mike Wiegert
  • 303.469.2100 ext. 7231

  • Office Hours are typically 4p-9p for phone calls

    Email receives a much faster response as I have easier access

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Understanding what Adult Hockey is all about:

Everything containted in the rules and policies section is to help make this Adult Hockey league better. By understanding that this is "Adult Hockey" and following the rules and guidelines contained, every participant will have a more enjoyable time in the ICAHL.

Priorities for the league as a player should be:

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Treat others with respect(including opponents, officials and off-ice personel)
  3. Realize this is not the National Hockey League and you have better chances of winning the lottery than getting a "call up" to the show.
    - I contacted them about getting you into the game, they responded with this link.
  4. Understand this is meant to be light hearted and content posted is about having fun

Preparing for the Winter '23 Season

League Starts 9/29/23

Please review Rules & Policies before registering.

Registration will Open: August
Returning Captains: Please contact me to have your team added if not paying the Team Fee after 8/17

Additional Information can be found in our Winter League Information page

Captain's meeting is scheduled August 9th at 7p Fri-Sun leagues, 8p Mon-Thurs Leagues.

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Winter Info
Two Hockey Players - About To Faceoff - Close Up On Puck

Adult League Game Features

Division Skill Guide

  • High B - Players have higher end experience. Minor Pro, College D1/D2, Junior all tiers, AAA
  • Mid-Low B - Players have moderate experience. College D2, Junior, AAA, AA, A experience at a fairly high level prior
  • High C - Players may have some prior experience. AA, A, house, prior adult league experience
  • Mid-Low C - Players have mostly only adult league or recreational experience
  • D - Players are still learning the game and skills required to play
Ice Level Shot of Adult Players

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