To All Adult Hockey League Players:

I’d like to quickly introduce myself.  My name is Mike Wiegert and I am the new Adult Hockey Director at the Ice Centre.  I have been around recently to try and meet some teams and players before and after games.  I know I haven’t been able to catch everyone just yet.  So a quick bit about my hockey background and what to expect going forward.

I started out playing inline hockey in 1994.  I also became a referee and started the transition to ice hockey in 1999.  I have been a referee in the Adult League at the Ice Centre since 2002.  During that time I have refereed in the CHL, NAHL, CSHL, ACHA, WSHL, and USPHL.   I continue to work collegiate hockey and some juniors today.

ICAHL is already one of the top adult leagues around.  My goal is to continue the policies which have made this league so successful, and bring an officiating perspective.  My motto is to strive to provide a sportsmanlike, competitive and fun environment for all participants.  In order to provide that, we will be adding a progressive and supplemental discipline system for players who continuously violate the rules.  These updates will be updated and available on the ICAHL Rules & Policies shortly.

My door is always open for a conversation, whether it be a situation from a game or just shop talk.

I look forward to the league’s continued success!  We are only successful because of you!