The Ice Centre uses the USA Hockey Rulebook as a base guideline for rules. A few ‘House’ rules apply.


Our Mission

We strive to provide a sportsmanlike, competitive and fun environment for all participants. Violence, hate and racism will not be tolerated.

Understanding what Adult Hockey is all about:

Everything contained in this section is to help make the Adult Hockey league better. By understanding that this is “Adult Hockey” and following the rules and guidelines contained herein, every participant will have a more enjoyable time in the ICAHL. Each league is considered co-ed and we do not discriminate against gender, race, age or any other category that society tends to group.

Priorities for the league as a player should be:

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Treat others with respect(including opponents, officials and off-ice personel)
  3. Realize this is not the National Hockey League and you have better chances of winning the lottery than getting a “call up” to the show.
    – I contacted them about getting you into the game, they responded with this link.
  4. Understand this is meant to be light hearted and content posted is about having fun
Adult Hockey Players
Bender's Bar & Grill Logo

‘Beer’ League Motto

As Adult League is also often referred to as ‘Beer League’, we encourage you to head up to Bender’s Bar and Grill to relax after a game. Have a cold one with teammates, friends, opponents and officials. Make new friends and understand why we all play here.

We also remind you to drink responsibly, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE and take care of the bar staff.


Minimum Age Requirement

The ICAHL is an adult league. All players must be a minimum of 18 years old.  No exceptions.

  • Minors will come of age and have their time to shine in the Adult Hockey League sun. All roads lead to adult hockey, you just haven’t gotten there yet.
  • This creates a major safety issue to have a minor player or official on the ice
  • Teams caught having a minor player will have the captain suspended indefinately

Alcohol/Tobacco Policy

The use of outside alcohol and/or use of any tobacco product (including Vape Pens) is prohibited in the Ice Centre premises.

  • You are allowed to bring a purchased beverage from Benders into the facility.
  • Players “under the influence” will be removed from the game at the discretion of the rink personel or officials and will be removed from the premises for reasons including.

    • Causing a disturbance in the game
    • Creating a safety hazard to anybody on the rink including themselves
    • Verbally or physically threatening(may face additional suspensions/fines)
  • Players spitting chewing tobacco on the ice will be removed from the game and/or suspended.
  • Repeat violations will be subject to suspension and/or fines.
  • We share this facility with the Hyland Hills Youth Hockey Association and we need to be “good” examples

    • Please be sure to clean up after yourselves

Team Composition

Rosters, Subs & Player Eligibility

  • Teams must have a minimum of 15 rostered players with a maximum of 23.

    Team Fee exempt from minimum

  • All players must register through our system, accept the waiver and pay any fees due before taking the ice.

  • Teams that pay the team fee can add players at any point of the season up to the maximum(contact Captain for link to register).

  • It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure that only fully paid and properly registered players play.

  • In order for all players and sub players (team fees only) to be eligible for the playoffs they must play in 7 regular season games during the winter season or 3 regular season games in the summer season.  Exceptions may be granted for injured players or players with other qualifying life circumstances.

  • Use of an ‘Sub’ player on an individual pay team in any game will result in team and captain discipline. A $50 fine will be assessed to the team.  Captain will be  suspended for 1 game, ineligible player will be suspended indefinitely.  The team may not participate again until the fine is paid.  If a team has been fined twice during the season for use of illegal player, they will be disqualified from playoffs and will not receive a refund for missed games.


Player Minimums for start of game

  • A team must have 5 skaters and a goalie or 6 skaters for a game to begin.
  • If a team has only 4 skaters, the game will be considered a forfeit and the teams then can have the ice to scrimmage.
  • Officials, on and off ice, may stay at their own discetion if a team forfeits. They are not required to stay.

Uniforms and Equipment

Each team should have a light and dark set of jerseys. The home team should wear light jerseys. Prior to the start of warm-ups, captains should discuss sweater colors to resolve conflicts(if necessary). Each player must have same colored jerseys with a unique and permanent number on the back. TAPE IS NOT ALLOWED! (Numbers are $2.50 in the pro-shop, don’t be cheap) Each player’s name and number must match the roster, and jersey numbers must be the same on both jerseys. Team Captains are responsible for compliance.

Sweater Rules

  • Must match primary color
  • Must have permanent unique number (visit our pro-shop to add a number to a sweater)

Sweater Violation after 10/27

  • Team will serve a 2-minute minor penalty, will start 4 on 4 if both teams in violation

Sweater Violation after 12/1

  • Player will not be allowed to play and will be asked to leave


Required Equipment

  • Helmet(face protection strongly recommended at all levels)
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Skates
  • Athletic Supported/Pelvic Protector

Recommended Equipment

  • Breezers(Hockey Pants)
  • Shoulder Pads

It is each players responsibility to comply with the required equipment guidelines. All equipment must be made for hockey and worn in the intended protective manor. Elbow pads and shin guards must be completely covered to comply with uniform policy.

Visit our Pro-Shop for all your equipment needs.

Pointstreak Stats and Schedule


  • Please check the schedule for any changes. We do our best to keep times and rinks the same, but sometimes issues arise.

  • Keep a current email on file for any contact from the league regarding changes.  Make sure ‘CAMPAIGN EMAIL’ is marked yes to receive messages.

  • Please check over the scoresheets for any errors after completion of each game. This includes:

    • Players listed as present
    • Goals/Assists/Penalty corrections
  • Please submit any Updates/Corrections within 2 weeks of game completion to

    • Please include date/time/rink/team and correction to be made in the body of the email

Rules and “House” Rules

Suspension(s)/Progessive Discipline/Supplemental Discipline

All suspensions will be reviewed by the Hockey Director. You may not challenge or dispute the final ruling. No refunds if you are ejected or expelled.

Progressive Discipline: Players who are repeat offenders will incur longer suspensions, up to and not limited to league expulsion. This will carry over from previous seasons. This is in place to keep a safe environment for all players, officials and staff. Problem players will be dismissed/suspended indefinitely.

Supplemental Discipline: Any incident that occurs prior to, during, or after the game is subject to being penalized regardless of whether the action was penalized by the Referee.


  • You must wait at least 24-hours before sending a complaint to the director on any issue. This cooldown period is to render if the situation has merrit to be addressed or is something that was in the heat of the moment.
  • Send complaints to

    • Write in detail
    • Include date/time/rink/teams
    • Understand the rules before making a complaint about something you ‘think’ is the correct rule

    If you come storming down to find me or need to express your anger without waiting the 24 hours:

    You will not have a suspension revoked if you were assessed one

    You may receive a suspension if you did not receive one

Officials Discretion

  • USA Hockey rulebook is used as a guideline as it is very common. There are many rules within USA Hockey at the youth level that do not translate well into the Adult League. Therefore we give the officials a much wider range of penalty options to give the player an opportunity to avoid hefty suspensions and fines.
  • Understand that certain comments and actions are viewed differently by each official and refrain from using derogatory comments that may have been “accepted” in the past.
  • Officials have the option of issuing a game ejection or “EJ” penalty. This removes the player from the current game, but does not carry a suspension(unless a repeat offender).
  • Every official interprets the rules a little differently and there are many rule books out there. Don’t try to “teach” the rule you “know”.
  • THE RIGHT ANSWER – Don’t get kicked out because you can’t control your mouth.
  • Verbal abuse by any player or official toward another player, on-ice official, off-ice official, or rink staff will not be tolerated.

  • Each league is considered co-ed and we do not discriminate against gender, race, age or any other category that society tends to group. Players usiing derogetory terms/phrases, racist/sexist remarks or hate speech may be removed from the game at the officials discretion and may face additional discipline.
  • Trash talk or giving officials, players, scorekeepers or any other bystander a hard time because “that is what you do” is NOT PART OF THE GAME and should always be penalized.

  • Penalty options for verbal abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct include:

    • Minor Penalty
    • Misconduct
    • EJ
    • Game Misconduct
  • A game misconduct for verbal abuse will result in:

    • Ejection from the current game
    • Minimum one game suspension
    • Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders
    • Understand this is harder to have reviewed and overturned as it is a hearsay situation.  
    • THE RIGHT ANSWER – Don’t get kicked out because you can’t control your mouth.
  • Threatening comments are not acceptable and should be harshly penalized.

    • Threatening another player or official will result in suspension(s) and fines, up to league expulsion

Body Checking is NOT ALLOWED in any Division

  • Hockey is a contact sport, but a deliberate body check should be penalized.
  • Each league is considered co-ed. Please be aware of the size difference that may exist at certain levels. Especially at the lower levels, sometimes is it better to ‘back off’ versus causing a collision.
  • An intentional body check that causes an injury to an opponent may face suspension(s) and/or additional disciplinary action even if not penalized on the ice.  This suspension may be extended to as long as the injured player is unable to play.

  • Penalty options for Body Checking include:

    • Minor Penalty
    • Double Minor
    • 2 + 10 Minor plus Misconduct
    • EJ
    • Game Misconduct
    • Match Penalty

Fighting is NOT ALLOWED in any Division


  • Know that some officials interpret one punch(even if no contact is made) a fight
  • Ejection from current game
  • Minimum two game suspension
  • Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders, director’s discretion for expulsion from league
  • THE RIGHT ANSWER – It’s not worth fighting over. We have normal jobs to return to tomorrow and you don’t know what the other person does for a living and they you. Google ‘boxing near me’ to find a place to fight.

Deliberate Attempt to Injure

A match penalty for attempt to injure or deliberately causing injury to an opponent or official with result in:

  • Major Penalty served by offending team
  • Ejection from current game
  • Minimum 4 week suspension and potential additional progressive discipline

    • The suspension will carry into any additional league(s) you play at the Ice Centre.
    • Players causing severe injury to their opponent un-intentionally will not be allowed to return until injured player returns. ** NEW **
    • Players causing severe injury to their opponent intentionally will be removed from the league permanently and may face additional discipline. ** NEW **
    • Players continuing or starting altercations off of the ice surface(within the rink or anywhere on it’s premises) will be removed from the league permanently and be subject to criminal investigation ** NEW **
  • THE RIGHT ANSWER – You don’t know how it affects somebody’s real life outside of the rink.  This is not the right place to release your anger.  There are many other options that don’t involve hurting others.

Four Penalty Ejection rule – House Rule

  • If you incur four minor penalties in a game you will be ejected for the remainder of the game.

    • A major or misconduct count as two toward this rule
    • If you are removed more than 3 times in a season for this rule, you will be placed in progressive discipline status and may receive additional suspension(s)

Excessive Penalty Minute Totals – House Rule

All Divisions

  • Winter

    • Any player receiving a total of 55 minutes in penalties during the winter season, including playoffs, will receive a one game suspension.
    • Any player receiving a total of 70 minutes in penalties during the winter season, including playoffs, will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs
  • Summer

    • Any player receiving a total of 35 minutes in penalties during the summer season, including playoffs, will receive a one game suspension.
    • Any player receiving a total of 50 minutes in penalties during the summer season, including playoffs, will be suspended for the remainder of the season
  • Reminder – Misconducts/EJs/Game Misconducts count as 10

**Players who reach the maximum thresehold will be excluded from the following season(if they are allowed back, they will be in a probationary status and may still be dismissed from the league for poor/detrimental behavior at any time-No Refunds).  ** NEW **

High Sticking – House Rule

  • Any player that cuts, draws visible blood or causes an injury with a high stick may receive a 4 minute double minor penalty at discretion of the referee.


  • All divisions play center line icing.
  • B1 division plays HYBRID ICING
  • ICAHL RULE – errored icing faceoff will take place at center ice. **NEW**
  • Understand the USA Hockey rule has the errored icing faceoff in the end-zone. If the officials keep it in the end-zone, don’t get upset. Let the director know politely and he will relay the information to the officials.

3rd Period Run Time – House Rule

  • If either team is leading by 6 or more goals in the 3rd period, the clock will run.
  • It will return to stop clock if the lead is reduced to 4 goals.
  • If a team requests run clock before the 6 goal difference, it may be granted.  The clock will not stop again if run clock is requested.  **NEW**

Ties and End of regulation (Shootout/Overtime)

  • Regular season: If tied at the end of regulation, each team receives one point in the standings. A three-player shootout will commence, the winner will receive an additional point in the standings
  • Playoffs: Teams will play a 5 minute (5 v 5) stop time sudden death period. If still tied a three player shootout will commence immediately.

    • Visiting team shoots first unless Home team elects to shoot first
    • Players serving penalties at the end of regulation/OT period are not eligible for the shootout and must remain in the penalty box until the shootout is completed.
  • Finals (Sudden Death): 

    • 5 Minutes 5 v 5
    • 5 Minutes 4 v 4
    • 5 Minutes 3 v 3 continuous until there is a winner
    For shootouts going into ‘Sudden Death’ past 3 shooters(C4 and up):
    • First team to be ahead at the end of the round is declared the winner
    • Teams must use new shooters each round until entire bench has shot before recycling shooters
    • If one team has a shorter bench, the larger bench may recycle shooters when the smaller bench has used all shooters
    • If the enitre bench has shot, the penalized player(s) become eligible to shoot last
    **For shootouts going into ‘Sudden Death’ past 3 shooters(Fri/Sat divisions):** NEW THIS WINTER **
    • Teams are encouraged to let shooters who have not participated in a shootout take a shot
    • If we reach the potential 7th shooter
      • The goaltenders will choose either a race(goal line to center ice), rock/paper/scissors, blue line empty net shots(best of 3)

Play at your skill level – DIVISION SKILL GUIDE

  • High B – Players have higher end experience. Minor Pro, College D1/D2, Junior all tiers, AAA
  • Mid-Low B – Players have moderate experience. College D2, Junior, AAA, AA, A experience at a fairly high level prior
  • High C – Players may have some prior experience. AA, A, house, prior adult league experience
  • Mid-Low C – Players have mostly only adult league or recreational experience
  • D – Players are considered still learning the game and skills required to play

Low C and D Standard of Play – House Rules (C6/C7/D) **NEW**

The lowest levels are meant for beginner players.  The cup here is plastic.  If you have a higher ability, you are encouraged to play at that level.  If you choose to play down, to be with friends or family, YOU MUST PLAY DOWN!  Going coast to coast and playing like it’s the Stanley Cup final will get you removed/moved.

Rules to enjoy low level adult league:

  • Don’t be a punk
  • Be a good sport
  • Play for fun
  • Understand this is not a tryout
  • Winning isn’t everything here(You have already clinched a playoff berth, enjoy the season!)

Guidence for low levels:

  • Everyone is out here to have fun
  • Make friends
  • Don’t come or leave angry
  • If you see a beginner player, back off and let them have some space
  • It is ok to encourage and help players even on the other team
  • It is ok to let them shoot
  • Understand the officials may be new and learning too

Players and Teams coming with a “Win the Cup” attitude weekly will be moved accordingly

“Ringer” Rule – still applies

Rule applies to 40 and Over Rec and all Fri/Sat leagues.  A player can score a maximum of 3 goals(shoot-out excluded).

*-new for Winter ’23

  • If a player scores a 4th goal, the goal is disallowed, the player is given a warning and the face off is taken to the offending teams defensive end.
  • If a player scores a 5th or subsequent goal, he/she will be given a minor delay of game penalty.
  • A player that has score 3 goals in regulation is allowed to participate in a shootout.
  • If you are playing down, realize you are not there to be the hero and win the game every week.

    • You should be a playmaker/setting plays up for your team.  Do not run down skaters with lesser abilities to take the puck constantly.  Let them make a play.

Playing in Multiple Divisions

This rule sets guidelines for players who play in multiple divisions.  It is intended to keep divisions fair and players playing in divisions that suit their skills.

  • *We understand wanting to play with family and friends.  If you would like to play down to be with them, YOU MUST PLAY DOWN!  Pump the brakes, let other players have an opportunity to make a play.*

    • Director can approve players to play down, but those not following the guidelines for low level play and “showcasing their skills” will be pulled from the league(even during a game if caught)
  • We will ask that you only can play down three levels from the highest level you play
  • Goalies can play down as many as 5 levels. In certain instances when a goalie is needed exceptions will be granted. Sub goalies must be ok’d before participating in playoffs.
  • A player may not play on multiple teams in the same division(sorry no exceptions/there is a waitlist and it is unfair to take a spot from someone else within the same division).

Dominating/Struggling Teams and Players

We want to make the league enjoyable and competitive.  If one team/player is clearly dominating/struggling, efforts will be made to adjust the divisions accordingly to level the playing field.  These moves may take time as scheduling and restructuring is necessary.

Please know that the divisions will be observed on a normal basis.  Skill variations will be determined by the director, and all final decisions in moving players/teams with be sole discretion of the league director.


Ice Centre reserves the right to impose fines on players who violate any rules & policies underlined herein.  Such fines can vary from a minimum of $25.00 but will not exceed $100.00.  Teams and Players who face a fine will be presented with the reason for fine and will not be allowed to play again until the fine is paid in full and any disciplinary action has been served.

It is our intention to deter conduct that is not acceptable with fines established.

Captain’s Responsibilities

Making managing your team communication easier

  • Relay league information to your team

  • Make sure all of your players are properly registered and paid before taking the ice
  • Report any updates to the roster to the scorekeeper before the game starts

    • Addition/Subtraction of player
    • Number change(temp or permanant)
    • If you are using a sub goalie
  • Check with Home team before taking the ice on sweater colors to resolve conflicting colors
  • Send director your primary and secondary sweater color (will be added to a list for each team to to quick reference **Coming Soon**)
  • Each team captain is asked to send a complete Roster with player numbers before season starts

    • To confirm player registration
    • To have scoresheet entries added ahead of time

Play hard, have fun, be a good sport. Hockey is the greatest game there is, and it’s for everyone.