Hockey 101

Registration opens 1/9!

Spring Hockey 101 Registration

To start the registration process, please select the ICAHL division for which you are registering.

ICAHL is open for individual and team registrations.

TEAM FEE – Register by clicking the link below

INDIVIDUAL FEE – Need to add your team?  Email with division and Team Name on 8/18.

We reserve the right to allow or deny a team or individual participation in the ICAHL for reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Payment History
  • Team Character
  • Individual Player Conduct
Adult Hockey Players
Hockey 101 Info

Questions about Winter League?  Click below

Winter League Info

Division Skill General Guidelines:

    • High B– Players have higher end experience. Minor Pro, College D1/D2, Junior all tiers, AAA
    • Mid-Low B– Players have moderate experience. College D2, Junior, AAA, AA, A experience at a fairly high level prior
    • High C– Players may have some prior experience. AA, A, house, prior adult league experience
    • Mid-Low C– Players have mostly only adult league or recreational experience
    • – Players are still learning the game and skills required to play

Free Agents:

Free Agent Registration will open in March for the Summer ’24 season

Free Agent Registration
  • Registration opens 3/26/23
  • Will be placed on teams needing to fill roster spots
  • Required to conform with team uniform(Matching sweaters, unique permanent number)
  • Will be moved if playing at the incorrect level
  • Every attempt will be made to have a team assigned by 5/24/24
    • In the event we are unable to place you on a team by the end of May, a full refund will be issued
    • Please be patient and check your email, add and to your safe list
    • Make sure ‘Campaign Email’ is selected to receive league wide communication

Winter 2023/24 Registration is available to players who still need to register


Rental Ice
Monday B1
Tuesday C2
Tuesday C3
Wednesday B2
Wed/Thurs B3
Wed/Thurs B4
Wed/Thurs C1
Fri/Sat C5
Fri/Sat C6
Fri/Sat C7
Saturday D1
Saturday D2
Sunday C2
Sunday C3
Sunday C4
40 & Over Rec
40 & Over Comp
  • If you receive a “Registration Closed” notification, the registration for that item has not opened yet or is no longer available
  • Please reach out if you are unable to find the answer to your question within our site


Any questions regarding Winter registration should first refer to: Fall/Winter Season Information

Please review League Rules & Policies before proceeding.

Email for fastest response.