Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Season Information

Winter Season begins the week of Sept 29-October 5, 2023


  • 20-game Regular Season Schedule
  • Double Elimination Playoffs
  • 1 hour and 15 minute game slots
  • Period lengths:

    • 1st – 20 minute run
    • 2nd – 20 minute run
    • 3rd – 15 minute stop
  • Music During Stoppages
  • Pointstreak Stat Tracking
  • LiveBarn video streaming on all rinks (Discount Code: 333f-121a)


In order to be eligible for playoff games, players must have played in at least 7 regular season games for Winter.


All league fees must be paid before participating in play​

  • Regular individual Price $499.00*

  • Regular Team Fee $7,600.00

  • Regular Free Agent Price $499.00*

*Installment options available


  • Subs are only allowed on teams that pay the Team Fee.

Early Bird Team Full Payment | $7,100.00 — One Time Payment (Due at registration, Early Bird ends 9/8/22)

Regular Team Full Payment | $7,600.00 — One Time Payment (If payed after 9/8, Due at registration)

Early Bird Individual/Free Agent Full Payment | $479.99 (Due at registration, Early Bird ends 9/8/23)

Regular Individual/Free Agent Full Payment | $499.99 (Registrations received after 9/8, must be paid by first game)

Individual/Free Agent Split Payment | $525.00 ($265.00 due at registration, $260.00 due on Nov 18th)

Individual/Free Agent Triple Payment | $540.00 ($180.00 due at registration, $180.00 due Oct 13th, $180.00 due Nov 17th)**

**-Declines or insufficient funds will incur a $25.00 Late charge

  • All teams must put down a deposit of $499.00 (one player registration to hold a spot)
  • Deadline for deposit is: 9/15/23
    • Returning teams with good history will be given priority for registration
  • We reserve the right to allow or deny team participation in the ICAHL for reasons including but not limited to the following:
    1. Payment History
    2. Team Character
    3. Individual Player Conduct
  • We reserve the right to deny any individual from participation for any reason including:
    1. Prior suspension history
    2. Payment History
    3. Poor conduct towards other participants, officials or rink personnel
    4. No Refunds will be issued to players who are removed from the league or suspended due to conduct on or off the ice
  • Teams must have at least 15 registered and paid players(Including goaltender).
  • ICAHL director reserves the right to place free agents on any team with less than 15 players.
  • Teams that pay the Team Fee are exempt roster minimums and free agents(unless they would like additional players).
  • Registration will open first to teams paying the Team Fee for the Winter 2022-2023 season 8/11/23
  • The Team fee option will allow a team to roster up to 22 players with any of them eligible to play in regular season games.
  • Team fee must be paid at once.  You may not ‘convert’ an individual team to a team fee
  • For any questions regarding any of the team fee payment options or roster questions please email adulthockey@hylandhills.org or call 303-469-2100 ex. 231 for the Adult Hockey office.

The following refund policy will continue for the Winter 2022-2023 season.

  1. If a player needs a refund and has a player sign up in their place, they will receive a pro-rated refund based on the team’s games played minus an administrative fee.
  2. If a player needs a refund but does not have a player register in their place, they will be given a refund equal to 50% of the pro-rated refund based on the team’s games played.
  3. If a player is removed from the league due to poor on or off ice conduct, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED


  • League Director reserves the right to move/remove players and teams who are clearly more skilled than the league they sign up for.

  • Players/Teams will be moved divisions if they dominate the competition repeatedly by way of:

    • Skating end to end multiple times in a game(s)
    • Ramping up their ability week to week to tie/win the game
    • Are clearly more skilled than the level they play in
  • It is understood that some players may want to play down to play with friends or family, but they must PLAY DOWN, PUMP THE BRAKES and MAKE THAT LEVEL ENJOYABLE FOR EVERYBODY.

  • The goal for each division to be competitive.  Close games and similar skill are ideal for a great league.

Division Skill Guide

  • High B(1-2) – Players have higher end experience. Minor Pro, College D1/D2, Junior all tiers, AAA

  • Mid-Low B(3-4) – Players have moderate experience. College D2, Junior, AAA, AA, A experience at a fairly high level prior

  • High C(1-2) – Players may have some prior experience. AA, A, house, prior adult league experience

  • Mid-Low C(3-7) – Players have mostly only adult league or recreational experience

  • D1 – Players can’t quite compete at a C level but are a little above beginner

    D2 – Players considered beginners are still learning the game and skills required to play


  • Will be placed on teams needing to fill roster spots
  • Required to conform with team uniform(Matching sweaters, unique permanent number)
  • Will be moved if playing at the incorrect level
  • Every attempt will be made to place Free Agents by 10/7/22

    • In the event we are unable to place you by the end of October, a full refund will be issued


Division Primary Night Secondary Night
Monday B1 Monday Tuesday
Tuesday C2 Tuesday Monday
Tuesday C3 Tuesday Monday
Wednesday B2 Wednesday Thursday
Thursday B3 Thursday Wednesday
Thursday B4 Thursday Wednesday
Thursday C1 Thursday Wednesday
Friday/Saturday C3 Friday/Saturday Sunday
Friday/Saturday C4 Friday/Saturday Sunday
Friday/Saturday C5 Friday/Saturday Sunday
Friday/Saturday C6 Friday/Saturday Sunday
Saturday D Saturday Friday/Sunday
Sunday C2 Sunday Monday
Sunday C3 Sunday Monday
Sunday C4 Sunday Monday
40 & Over Competitive Sunday Monday
40 & Over Intermediate Sunday Monday
40 & Over Recreational Sunday Monday