Summer 2024 Season Information

The Ice Centre’s Summer League will begin May 2024.


  • 10-game Regular Season Schedule
  • Double Elimination Playoffs

  • 1 hour and 15 minute game slots
  • Period lengths:

    • 1st – 20 minute run
    • 2nd – 20 minute run
    • 3rd – 15 minute stop
  • Music During Stoppages
  • Pointstreak Stat Tracking
  • LiveBarn video streaming on all rinks (Discount Code: 333f-121a)


  • Early Bird Price Price $4200 – Regular $4700

  • Individual Price $315


  • All teams must put down a deposit of min $289

  • Deadline for deposit is: April 2024

  • Teams will be given spots in the following priority:

    1. Team Fee
    2. Payment History
    3. Team Character
    4. Individual Player Conduct
  • Teams who are constantly causing problems or have previous repeat offenders or banned players will be removed from the league.

  • New teams to the league will be vetted for league conduct.  Please incorporate which league you are moving from when applying.


The ICAHL does not allow ‘pay-to-play’ sub players. If your team is interested in rostering substitutes (or extra) players please refer to the Team Fee option.


For the Summer 2024 season the ICAHL will offer the listed payment options for teams and full-time players:

  • Regular Team Fee Full Payment $4700

  • Regular Individual Payment $315

  • Individual Split Payment $350 ($175 due at registration/ $175 due 6/7)*

  • *-Split fees require a stored credit card and will be automatically processed on the due date.  Any account that is not paid in full by the due date will incur a $29 late charge.  Players who are not current will not be allowed to play until payment is received.

    No other payment options/plans will be permitted.


Teams must have at least 15 paid registered players. A minimum of 15 players(excludes team fee) must be fully registered before the team is considered filled to begin the season. The ICAHL reserves the right to place free agents on any team with less than 15(up to 17) players.


The Team fee option will allow a team to roster up to 24 players with any of them eligible to play in regular season games. In order to be eligible for playoff games players on a team who choose the team fee option must have played in at least 3 regular season games.  A maximum of 20 dressed players will be permitted to play in any game.
Teams with less than 15 individual paid players may convert their fees to a Team Fee.  Difference owed of $4500 minus what has been paid.
For any questions regarding any of the team fee payment options or roster questions please email or call 303-469-2100 ext. 7231 for the Adult Hockey office.

REFUNDS – Due to change before season

The following refund policy will continue for the Summer 2024 season.

  1. If a player needs a refund and has a player sign up in their place, they will receive a pro-rated refund based on the team’s games played minus an administrative fee.
  2. If a player needs a refund but does not have a player register in their place, they will be given a refund equal to 50% of the pro-rated refund based on the team’s games played.


The following divisions are scheduled to play on the following nights:

  • Division – Primary Night – Secondary Night (if needed)
  • Monday B1 – Monday – Tuesday
  • Tuesday C2/C3 – Tuesday – Monday
  • Wednesday B2 – Wednesday – Thursday
  • Thursday B3 -Wednesday/Thursday – None
  • Thursday B4 -Wednesday/Thursday – None
  • Thursday C1 – Wednesday/Thursday – None
  • Friday/Saturday C4 – Friday/Saturday – Sunday
  • Friday/Saturday C5 – Friday/Saturday – Sunday
  • Friday/Saturday C6 – Friday/Saturday – Sunday
  • Friday/Saturday C7 – Friday/Saturday – Sunday
  • D League Hockey – Saturday – Friday, Sunday
  • 40 & Over – Sunday – Monday
  • Sunday C2 – Sunday – Monday
  • Sunday C3 – Sunday – Monday
  • Sunday C4 – Sunday – Monday

Potential Game start time range

  • Monday – Thursday 7:00pm – 10:45pm
  • Friday 6:45pm-11:45p
  • Saturday 12:30pm-11:45pm
  • Sunday 12:30pm-10:45pm